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This application comes closed to the Windows Snipping Tool from Microsoft Windows that I have found so far. The preferences screen is a little confusing, and there are some rough edges when using it But for my main use case — copying aerbitrary part sof my screen to my clipboard — it’s wonderful.I tried to contact support to give feedback, but the feedback is lined to having a QQ Mail account, which I don’t have (and don’t want to sign up for). My feedback would have been:• Include x-axis and y-axis (perhaps an option) so that when I'm selecting a rectangular area around an odd shape (e.g. a circle), I can easily tell where to place my corners by where the axes extend across the screen.• Alternatively, if there were a way (perhaps a modifier key) that after placing my original selection, I could adjust the edges before the capture is taken. That way I could slightly adjust the edges to be just how I want.• Alternatively, if there was a way to crop a snip after it's been capture but before it's saved (to clipboard or file), then I could just snip a larger area and them crop it down after it's captured.

it’s a good tool, small, light and easy to use. I have two problem with this tool. One is this app just stopped open one day, don’t know what happen, still have icon on my computer but actually, app is no longer exist. go to apple store install again fix the problem. just hope this issue won’t happen again. Another problem is this snip no longer have entire screen shot. I would like to caputure entire screen with one click to save thime, rather than drag it to select the box when I don’t need too. Please add that feature back. It is avaliable before with older version still love to have it with this one.

It’s fast, intuitive, and useful. I’m a student and if I need to screenshot a graph or data from a PowerPoint lecture slide (or online textbook) to put into my notes, this is the quickest and easiest way to do so without interupting what I’m doing. The “Grab” utility that comes with a Mac just doesn’t cut it, plus you can’t draw directly on the screenshots in that. Plus, a quick screen/window/image grab is always available, I don’t have to go to a separate application to do it, Snip is always open. I have yet to come across any bugs. I’ve recommended this to my friends/family as a great utility.

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From Free Snipping Tool: We know Windows ships their free snipping tool since Windows 7 and onward but it lacks some features that developers or some advanced users need. Features like uploading snips to FTP or any other storage services are not available in Windows snipping tool. So for this exact purpose we need a tool that just works like Windows Free Snipping Tool plus including the support for uploading snips to FTP or to storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive. Free Snipping Tool also supports to send snips as WebRequests targeting any webpage/address you want, so this can help make new APIs or use with existing ones. You have already guessed from its name that its free, so install and try this great Free Snipping Tool. Main Features 1-Take screenshot snips 2-Save snips in folder automatically. 3-Save snips as png, jpg, gif, bmp, tiff image formats. 4-PrtScr key association with snip tool. 5-Upload snips to ftp. 6-Upload snips to dropbox. 7-Upload snips to Google Drive. 8-Upload snips by sending WebRequests. 9-Comprehensive shortcut keys.

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  • Datei Größe: 4.4MB
  • Entwickler: Free Snipping Tool

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4,9 / 5 - 41 Stimmen


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