Free FreeCell Solitaire 2018

4,9 / 5 - 37 Stimmen

Datei Größe: 7.47MB

Entwickler: TreeCardGames

Free FreeCell Solitaire 2015 brings you a collection of four popular card games packaged in a single application. It features beautiful graphics and animation.

Beautiful design: If you're a fan of the ribbon-style interface that Microsoft introduced with Office, you'll love Free FreeCell Solitaire 2015, which uses a similar design. There is also free downloadable content that can completely re-skin the entire game to match your tastes better.

Four great games: With this app, you get four great games for free -- Eight Off, FreeCell, FreeCell Two Decks, and Stalactites.

Pick up where you left off: When you quit a game, your in-game progress is saved automatically. The next time you feel like playing, you'll be taken right where you left off.

No statistics screen: There is no way to view any sort of gameplay statistics, such as the total amount of time spent playing or the win-loss ratio.

If you like playing card games on your PC but are tired of the ones that come with Windows, you can give Free FreeCell Solitaire 2015 a try.

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Publisher Beschreibung:

From TreeCardGames: Free FreeCell Solitaire 2018 is a completely free collection of 4 great solitaire games (Eight Off, FreeCell, FreeCell Two Decks, Stalactites) with a user-friendly interface and top quality graphics and animations!

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  • Preis: Free
  • Lizens Model: Free
  • Einschränkungen: Not available
  • Version: 4.0
  • Datei Größe: 7.47MB
  • Entwickler: TreeCardGames

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4,9 / 5 - 37 Stimmen


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