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I love this game it got my family motivated to get out there and get fit. My kids have acquired a healthy love for walking. Reading all these reviews I think there needs to be a platform where users can make suggestions. Obviously niantic can ignore the suggestions but they might get some really good ideas from it. I think they should also have a platform for support when the troubleshooting doesn’t solve the problem. For instance the app says it has a capability for family sharing... How do we do that??? My kids play with us but they don’t have their own devices I’d love to figure out how to use that! Also I think t would be a great added bonus to getting in a gym if you could collect items from the gym regardless of where you are (similar to the option where you can feed your Pokémon from far away)and it would give ppl who are far away from any gyms or stops a chance to collect items at a rate those of us who are near them can collect them. It would also motivate ppl more to get in those gyms or get in more gyms. Additionally in the areas where there are less stops you could make more of them gyms to provide more access to players in that area. Of course you could always limit the benefit when collecting from afar like you do with feeding Pokémon maybe make it collectible only every ten minutes or something... Anyways love the game not complaining just making suggestions ;)

I love the game and its easy to use interface but I and all of my friends at school agree that your amazing game lacks some necissary content to be a truly great game. I belive you should add trading pokemon above all else and along with that casual battles with near by players. Now for my personal favorite addition is that some people have a daily struggle with living in a small town like mine where there is literaly 1 pokestop in all of town and you never go near it so that results in having a very limited supply of poke balls which is by far the most important item in the game because without them you cant catch anything which results in the lack of xp which means you cant level up. You cant get good cp pokemon (much less pokemon at all) which means no gyms or raids. To combat this major issue I propose you and some sort of daily spin or add more pokestops and gyms. Now I doubt you (the devs) will see this much less read it all but if you do I greatly appreciate it. Thank you as I hope this may help bring life back into this once amazing and well played game.P.S. ( I am saying this not only to make this game more fun for me but all of the friends I play this game with are compaining about a few of these issues and I would like to continue playing the game with the game with them as this is the only game I play and I fear they may quit playing if you do not add content. )

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From Uranium Team: Pokemon Uranium is a game created by a small, dedicated team of Pokemon fans that aims to recapture the classic Pokemon experience along with some added twists. Hello, and thank you for downloading Pokemon Uranium 1.0! We have put a lot of work into this game and we hope you enjoy playing it. We started working on Pokemon Uranium more than 9 years ago. We never dreamed that it would come this far or become this successful. Pokemon Uranium is inspired by the love we have for the Pokemon franchise. We wanted to create a tribute to the series we have loved since we were very young. Hopefully you will play this game and feel the same joy we felt the first time playing a new Pokemon game. The Uranium Team is not affiliated with Game Freak or Nintendo. This is a free fan-made project. We aren't seeking to profit from it in any way. Please continue to support the official Pokemon Games! Version 1.0 is a COMPLETE version of the game. It contains all 8 Gyms, the Championship, the entire main storyline, as well as several post-game quests. The updated Tandor Dex has a total of 200 Pokemon. Of these, 192 are obtainable, and 8 more are coming in future updates. For stats, movesets, evolution info, etc. you can check our Wiki, which will be updated with new info in the days following the game's initial release: http://pokemon-uranium.wikia.com/wiki/Tandor_Pokedex Pokemon Uranium 1.0's other contents include: 13 Towns and Cities 8 Gyms 7 Optional Sidequests -Transfer Pokemon from v4.3 Save Files (If you have a save file from a previous version of the game, you can transfer your old Pokemon into Uranium 1.0. Simply load up a preexisting save file in Uranium 1.0 and you will be asked if you want to transfer. Select "Yes" and you will begin a new game with the same Trainer ID# and Online ID as before. Your old Pokemon will be transfered to the Pokemon Storage System. This process can only be done once.) -Online Lobby (You can battle and trade directly with other players online! Talk to the rightmost NPC in the top floor of the Pokemon Center to access the Online Lobby. Then, enter your friend's Online ID at the top. You can click on their name to send battle and trade requests.) -Player-vs-Player battles (In the online lobby, you can challenge another player who is online. There are three battle modes: Singles, Doubles, and VGC. SINGLE BATTLES: Up to 6 Pokemon can be used in a one-on-one match. DOUBLE BATTLES: Up to 6 Pokemon can be used in a two-on-two match. VGC BATTLES: Based on the Pokemon VGC Championship format, select 4 Pokemon out of 6 to battle in a 2-on-2 match.) -Direct Trading (In the online lobby, you can send a trade request to another player who is online. When they accept the request, you will be brought to a screen that shows both of your teams. Select one of your Pokemon to offer to trade, and they will do the same. Choose "yes" to confirm, and the trade will go through. After the trade is completed you will be returned to the Online Lobby.) -Mega Evolution (To unlock Mega Evolution, you need to beat the 7th gym) -Virtual Trainer Battle (You can access Virtual Trainer from the centermost NPC on the top floor of any Pokemon Center. Create a virtual copy of your Pokemon team and battle other players' teams!) -Global Trade Station (Talk to the left NPC in the top floor of any Pokemon Center to access the GTS. Like the GTS in official licensed Pokemon games, you can trade with other Pokemon Uranium players. Deposit a Pokemon to trade or search for the one you want.) -Wonder Trade (You can send a Pokemon out and get a random one in return. It could be useless, or it could be super powerful!) -Mystery Gift (From the main menu, choose "Mystery Gift". This is a Pokemon that the Uranium Team has made available to all players. It will help you on your adventure!) -Nuzlocke Mode (When starting a new save file, you can elect to play in Nuzlocke Mode. This is a high-stakes mode where Pokemon cannot revive after fainting,and only one Pokemon can be captured per route. There are extra customization features in Nuzlocke Mode which can be toggled in the Options Menu. "Dubious Clause" allows you to ignore duplicate Pokemon encounters. "Healing in Battle" allows you to disallow use of items on Pokemon mid-battle. "Challenge Mode" raises the average level of enemy trainers' Pokemon, but not their experience.) -Multiple Saves (Uranium allows for each player to have multiple save files. Simply choose to start a new game from the main menu and it will save into a new slot. There is no limit to the number of saves you can have!) -External Patcher (Included in the folder with your Pokemon Uranium download is a program called Patcher.exe. This is used to install bug fixes and new updates to the game. Simply double-click on the file to open it. It will automatically search for and install new updates for the game.

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