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Setup is easy! That’s the biggest trait with root. Everything is just easy. It’s why we all have an iPhone, and it’s why McDonalds is still a popular place to eat. I got 20% reduced from my original policy with State Farm, which is HUGE since I’m a college student in Mississippi. You can also specifically choose what you need in your policy package. Don’t think your car is will get stolen? No problem. Don’t pay for that premium in your package builder! The few things that bother me are the following: 1. The iPhone X has been out since November, yet its almost Summer 2018 and the app still does not support the X screen! They have a photo of the app on the X without black bars on their website, which mislead me and makes me wonder why a company based on tech isn’t up to date with the display. This has nothing to do with the company itself, but it’s makes me question their sense of quality. Everything else is well made and fun to look at!2. Root uses machine learning to determine if you are driving, if you are flying, or cycling, etc. I took a trip to NYC and rode a taxi (they are crazy drivers), and my driving score went from a 9 to an 8! I sent an email and got a response within 24 hours. Their response was that they have analysts who look at the data and see what was happening. With a company this new, I decided to trust them. Nevertheless, couldn’t ask for a better deal.

I hate writing reviews. But this one begs to be written. I'm a fantastic driver in a city positively brimming with crappy drivers. My former insurer's rates kept climbing and it was totally unfair, but what could I do? They were still the cheapest I'd found. Well eventually I stumbled across Root, read the reviews, and thought "why not". It took a few weeks to complete the test drive, but oh my god was it ever worth it. Driving score was 10/10, and my 6-month paid-in-full premium went from $443 to $258— 42% cheaper, with even better custom coverage than I had before! (Equal coverage would have been $243, a 45% discount.) I was already gonna tell all my friends anyway, and then I noticed in the confirmation email that they give a $25 referral bonus to you AND anyone you refer after they do a test drive and get a quote. So, heck yeah, I'm sending them everyone I know. I even sent my former Allstate agent a link when I emailed them to cancel. ? I just signed up today so I can't yet speak to the day-to-day user experience of the app itself. (But who uses their auto insurance app every day anyway?) Beyond the insanely cheaper rates, Root offers some other cool perks as well, but I'll just leave those for y'all would-be customers to discover on your own. Long story short, just get the app and do a test drive. You'll probably get a really sweet surprise!

Looked at Root insurance about a year ago and they were not in my state (Kentucky). This time, they were though! When first signing up, I had an issue with setting up two drivers. Customer service was very responsive and got the issue resolved. After 3 weeks, we got a quote. The rate Root offered was great! The rate with Root is saving us $320 a year over Liberty Mutual and we got higher coverages like $50,000 Personal Injury Protection and no deductible compared to $10,000 with and a deductible with Liberty Mutual. And, we no longer need to pay for AAA since roadside assistance is included!The Root app is so easy to use and we were really happy to see that if we need to make any changes to our policy, we can do so right in the app and see how it affects our rate. I can’t say enough good things about this app and company! I also sent an app suggestion to them and got a very quick and friendly response! Considering the price, benefits, and exceptional customer service, I have a feeling we will be staying with Root insurance for a very long time!Root has certainly gone above and beyond in finding ways to put their customers first and treat us like an insurance company should! I will definitely be referring other customers to Root and highly recommend them for auto insurance!

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From One Click Root: One Click Root lets you root your Android device with one click. Rooting an Android on your own can be risky. It requires quite a bit of technical knowledge, and you risk turning your Android device into a useless brick. At One Click Root, we've developed a software solution that can quickly and safely root all popular Android devices. Using our One Click Root software, anybody can root their Android device to unlock all of the benefits listed above. The software is extremely powerful, but it's also very easy to use. If you know how to click your left mouse button, then you won't have any problems downloading and installing the One Click Root. The One Click Root software is becoming more powerful every day. We're always adding new rootable Android devices in order to make our software as useful as possible. With a wide selection of Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola Android devices available to be rooted, we give users everything they need to unlock the full potential of their Android device.

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