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So after hearing from the developer and determining that full access is really an overstated term, I’ve decided to give this app a try. It’s integrates well with my keyboard and it has some not so common emojis that make it different. I actually like it more than most, and will use it. I think the full access is still scary and should be changed or explained better so as not to scare potential d/lers. Just my opinion.This requires you to grant full access which means the developer can see everything you type using this keyboard including credit card information and anything else. With all the identity theft today why would I do something as ridiculous as this. You can’t be serious. Not interested. Read before you just blindly allow apps to invade your privacy!

In order to use this keyboard and its emojis, you have to "grant full access" to the developer. In my initial review I was incensed at what I saw as a blatant violation of privacy because the pop up granting full access states that it allows the developer to view all of your texts past, present, and future. The developer contacted me and explained that this is not the case, that they can't access our texts, and that the warning is the same for all keyboard apps. The emojis on their keyboard are great and I would like to take their word that this is not spyware, but I've dealt with identity theft before and I can't simply take their word for it. I am giving this app a 3 because I am balancing what would have otherwise been a 5 with the fact that until I see evidence that it's safe, I had to delete it.

I like to express my typing with emotions no better way to do that then to use emojis text can’t always tell your emotions so if you have to miss your friends party and you don’t put an emoji than you could bad or good about missing it so put a ? emoji if you feel sad or a ? if you feel good about missing your friends party if you like emojis this is the app for you if you don't then you should try it and then maybe start liking emojis I recommend this for anyone and all ages

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From RAF5UN: This is a freeware software that supports near thousand popular emojis. You can put them in any text field while chatting, posting or commenting. Features: Can filter emojis by popular sites and services. Can change the opacity of keyboard window. Can hide the application on system tray. Can copy emoji to clipboard by pressing right mouse.


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  • Datei Größe: 1.33MB
  • Entwickler: JG Applications

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4,9 / 5 - 37 Stimmen


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