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Well, so far I am satisfied with this device, although it is giving me a warning for a problem that so far, I cannot detect.It is also giving me a note to clear the engine light. I had an engine light for a day, after I left my keys in the ignition, and by the next morning the battery was dead. I charged the battery, got the car started, and that is when that light came on. After driving it for a half day, for approximately 80 miles, the light went out by itself. The next day, I got the “FIXD” unit delivered to my house, of course.It is giving me two possible faults. The first, a low voltage for the ignition switch. The other one, a possible problem with the transaxle, with possible shifting problems. I have not noticed problems with either, so far, however I am looking forward to seeing the performance of this unit in the future. By the way, I ordered the second version of the FIXD II. So far, so good ! At least it gives you an intelligent basis to relay information to your service provider. I hope...Con G. Englewood Ohio

I recently purchased a used car and one week after purchase my check engine light came on. When I called Chevy they said it was okay to drive as long as the light wasn’t flashing. It turned off by itself but 2 weeks later came back on again. I purchased FIXD in order to spare myself the charge for a diagnostic from the mechanic. Not only did I get a positive reading for a bad O2 sensor, but after it was replaced it gave me a new warning for the fuel trim bank. Upon notifying the mechanic he checked his employees work and found that the injector hose wasn’t secured properly (thank god thats all it was LOL). Since then zero issues and the car is running great.Great implementation. Even my mechanic and his crew were very impressed with the performance of the app and sensor.I’ve been recommending the product to everyone.

One of the biggest things I wanted to do with this app was track the mileage and date of when I performed maintenance. This could be tire rotation, oil change, new wiper blades, cabin air filter, transmission service…The user interface on the app makes it very awkward to do the tracking. You have to add a log and then select from their options which does not include buying new tires go figure. There is a maintenance timeline provided that they claim is based on manufacturers requirements. I have a Honda Pilot. It has a front wheel drive. Why is rear end differential service called out for my car?The biggest problem I have with the timeline is that it cannot be updated. Let’s say you’re supposed to get an oil change every 4000 miles and there are 12,000 miles on your car so it is due for an oil change. Now let’s assume you can’t get the oil changed until 13,000 miles. You cannot update the timeline. It will continue to show the next oil change due at 16,000 miles not 17,000 miles.Allowing modification of the timeline so you can make entry and have it calculate automatically the mileage for the next service would be a software no brainer.I do not know who is doing their user interface, but it is very very awkward.

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From Fixdit: FIXD helps you better understand your vehicle by translating check engine lights and tracking scheduled service. We've all been there - You're driving along and your check engine light comes on, but what does this light really mean? Avoid ambiguous lights and confusing technical definitions and let FIXD translate your check engine light into simple and understandable terms.Recent changes:- Fix crash if we couldn't connect to the vehicleContent rating: Everyone


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  • Datei Größe: 7.35MB
  • Entwickler: Anthony Chery

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5,0 / 5 - 37 Stimmen


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