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Nice app,It takes a while to get the hang of it as the blue lines at the beginning confused me to whether avoid or stick to these. Volume was down though and it all made sense when I heard and saw the instruction. Would suggest to change to green colour though as green is always “go this way”.I travel a lot to different places and I bought the world unlimited version. I’ve just tried it in Spain where in Madrid worked pretty nicely, the only problem was when inside a tunnel with junctions in it as these are not shown (I reckon due to loss of GPS signal) but the commands need a bit of improvement to get in the correct lane. Between Oliva (Valencia) back to Madrid, the app got lost four different times showing junctions that didn’t exist and erroneous turns when is not even possible. The way is very straight forward, very much a motorway where there is only one time at which you need to make a slight turn to move onto another motorway (Barcelona or Madrid). I just ignored the spurious commands but this definitely needs to be looked into as may cause confusion. Once the turn commands were ignored the display reverts back to normal.Also, a heard quite a few times “slight turn” when it was a nearly 90 degree turn.All the best and keep updating and correcting these minor bugs.It’s definitely a worth to have app

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From fuuapps: GPS Navigation - Drive With Voice , Maps & Traffic is an accurate and most advanced application which find your routes and navigate your map through traffic control systems, gps navigation locator is a time tracking best tool which give you the fastest and easy way point from east to west and north to south worldwide, gps direction finder clear your routes & reduce your miles and time through radar base system of earth live map.Are you stuck in a middle way, want to know about your current location, don't worry!!! Here is GPS Navigation - Drive With Voice , Maps & Traffic map quest will guide you for these problems. GPS Navigation - Drive With Voice , Maps & Traffic in an tracker studio which copy the map direction & paste it into to your middle map direction receive system. To make events easier and comfortable is requirement of everyone. So, make your journey well planned and easier through GPS Navigation - Drive With Voice , Maps & Traffic. A phone tracker app is that facilitate you to find your destination more efficiently as route planer. It is easy to use and provide reliable solutions during places research and direction from current location.GPS Navigation - Drive With Voice , Maps & Traffic & route finder is an car gps which informs you that where did I park the car and also phone gps that has unlimited traffic tracker system which provide you the best tracking app. GPS location finder & tracker also locate your directions and give you the right track or way, with gps navigator and direction finder provide the info of different street routes and also this wise dil lane saint system remove issues and provide your places according to your route..With its efficient approach, plan your travel and find the friend location, hotels, restaurant, museum, parks, and universities through map server. Through an easier way mark starting point and end point on the map and app will make your reach possible through satellite access base. Gps route finder, an advanced innovation will accurately guide throughout the way and will provide information about the correct and accurate location and how time it will take to reach a specific destiny.Features:--- Completely 100% free navigation great app--- Find your current location--- Navigate your favorite places--- Plan route for theatre, banks, bus stands, railway stations etc--- Find out shortest way with nearby places --- Take directions and track through ride --- Navigate for car, bicycle or bus and truck--- Easy to use, cool and intuitive interface


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4,9 / 5 - 36 Stimmen


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