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I’ve tried both Procreate and MediBang, their brush engines are vastly different but MediBang wins! MediBang feels like Paint Tool Sai, which I love. It makes cleaner, sharper lines than Procreate does for me. It’s less overwhelming than Procreate. I love Procreate but I use MediBang a lot more for my drawing. I love their brush engine on the iPad. I love the look and feel of their brushes and it’s a lot simpler to use. Procreate just has too many options.... can an app be too customizable? Anyway, I recommend this app to anyone coming from paint tool sai. It’s like a mobile version with how similar it feels. The bonus? I can start on my laptop and move to iPad, which I often do because I find I enjoy drawing on iPad more. I look forward to seeing how much further MediBang can go on the iPad. I hope they develop it further. It’s free and it’s worth it. I love it so much that I’d actually pay real money for a subscription if they ever offer it. Because development takes money. I’d love to see MediBang go further on all platforms. Five stars for a clean, simple, and easy to use drawing app. I’ve tried all the popular favorites so when I say MediBang wins, it wins!

This is a really good app for drawing! But I would like to make a few suggestions to it. First of all I just got the new update for making drawing in profile easier and I would like this to happen to the landscape to. I know you can turn off the windows when drawing in landscape but when I’m coloring I like using a lot of layers and changing colors and whatnot, but since I turned of every window I have to constantly go back and forth between turning them off to turning them on so it really is inconvenience so I suggest when you turn off the windows have it as the same set up as the profile version. The issue with room you could just not get rid of the shortcuts on the side and add it as an extension from that. If you not know what I mean I mean that the shortcut bar you can do the color, layer and all the other stuff beside it and maybe even adding the option of if someone did not want that bar there then they can turn it off in the settings or something. I hope you take my suggestion because this issue has been bothering me for a very long time. Thank you!

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From MediBang: MediBang Paint is a free lightweight digital painting software available for Windows, Mac OSx and Android. MediBang Paint's cloud saving feature allows users to easily switch between platforms so they can draw anywhere, anytime.


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  • Datei Größe: 25.95MB
  • Entwickler: MediBang

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