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Datei Größe: 41.73MB

Entwickler: Electronic Arts Mobile

Love the game but it is just too hard to earn points! It takes forever to earn enough points to play 1 game. The last boosts should not be over 10,000 points. Using the Gifting tree worth 50,000 points is ridiculous! Takes forever to earn points to play ONE game!Love the game but yes it is very difficult to earn enough points to play ONE game. Reduce the giving tree to 25,000 points and then go on down from there!But my biggest pet peeve with this game is AFTER I WATCH AN AD MY SCREEN GOES BLACK AND I DONT GET ANY POINTS FOR WATCHING THE AD,!! Especially the Angry Birds ad. Please correct that, as I bet I have lost out on at least 100,000 points in the last few months!Labor Day weekend was a nice boost in points, however the screen going black is still VERY, VERY annoying! If a person wants to watch 50 ads to earn 50,000 points they should be allowed to. You have too much control over how many points a person can earn. Let us play the game without your influence!Nice to have the double points on holidays! What happened the other day when I had won three battle quests and before I could claim my prize you deleted it from the game and didn't bring it back until it was to late for me to claim my prize??. Still feel 80,000 points for a final boost is way to many. Do you realize how long it takes a person to earn 80,000 points!

If you crave nothing more than to be a slave to our corporate overlords, if you love being milked like a cash cow, then THIS is the game for you! Start with the timeless simplicity of a great game like Tetris, combine it with the absolute necessity to use, “Power Ups”, “Finishers”, and now, with the latest update “Shards” to play competitively; mix it with a clever game design that makes it impossible to acquire enough of these items to win unless you’re willing to pay, pay and pay again to play, then stir in a healthy portion of corporate greed and you’ve got Tetris Blitz! Do you hate playing games where skill is what matters most? Do you get a profound sense of accomplishment by simply buying your gold medals? Do you have more money than sense, or an addictive personality that makes you spend money you don’t have? Download Tetris Blitz today, and soon you too can be shelling out real money to buy pretend coins in order to compete against artificial opponents to win your way to the top of the virtual leaderboard!

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From Tetris Holding: Tetris Zone offers four modes of play, from the simple, yet challenging 15-level Marathon mode to an instant hard-drop variation. Stunning 3D graphics take the Tetris experience to new levels of play. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com.


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  • Lizens Model: Free to try
  • Einschränkungen: Not available
  • Version: 1.2.1
  • Datei Größe: 41.73MB
  • Entwickler: Electronic Arts Mobile

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5,0 / 5 - 32 Stimmen


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