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From iPhooka: Play now the free android Chess strategy game - Play the game with your friends or family.- The game is automatically saved so you can choose to continue the game later.- Undo functionality- Choose to play with 1 or two players- 100% Free! Play as much as you want- Specifically optimized for the Android- Chess strategy brain game without wifi. Play Chess strategy offline.- Smooth and addicting gameplay.- Fun, excitement and entertainment for all family and friends!- Great challenging AI for the brain computer opponent, learn the strategy to win!- Play against android, another player or with friends!- Works perfect even without network, without wifi, offlinePlay now with your friend this challenging brain board Chess strategy game.In Chess players alternately move one piece per turn (except forcastling, when two pieces are moved). Pieces are moved to either an unoccupied square or one occupied by an opponent's piece, which is captured and removed from play. With the sole exception ofen passant, all pieces capture by moving to the square that the opponent's piece occupies. A player may not make any move that would put or leave his or her king under attack. A player cannot "pass"; at each turn they have to make a legal move . If the player to move has no legal moves, the game is over. it is either acheckmate(a loss for the player with no legal moves) if the king is under attack, or astalemate(a draw) if the king is not.No internet connection or wifi required.You don't need an internet connection or wifi and don't have to wait for other players, play offline.EachChess piecehas its own style of moving. Thekingmoves one square in any direction. The king has also a special move which is calledcastlingand involves also moving a rook. Therookcan move any number of squares along any rank or file, but may not leap over other pieces. Along with the king, the rook is involved during the king's castling move. Thebishopcan move any number of squares diagonally, but may not leap over other pieces. Thequeencombines the power of the rook and bishop and can move any number of squares along rank, file, or diagonal, but it may not leap over other pieces. Theknightmoves to any of the closest squares that are not on the same rank, file, or diagonal, thus the move forms an "L"-shape: two squares vertically and one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and one square vertically. The knight is the only piece that can leap over other pieces. Thepawnmay move forward to the unoccupied square immediately in front of it on the same file, or on its first move it may advance two squares along the same file provided both squares are unoccupied ;If you ask yourself if you can play strategy Chess puzzle game without wifi so the answer is yes, no wifi, offline. You can play strategy Chess brain board game, puzzle offline free, addicting family Chess brain board game ,puzzle without wifi, the strategy game is completely offline.Invite your friends or family to play with you this Chess!Play android challenging strategy brain board Chess puzzle game for free now against android or another player !Content rating: Medium Maturity


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  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Datei Größe: 2.54MB
  • Entwickler: iPhooka

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5,0 / 5 - 22 Stimmen


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