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I’ve been a Citibank customer since 1994 when I first moved to nyc & I really like them still. I also have an account with Chase for a family joint account with my husband and daughter but I keep this account for myself. I used to remotely deposit all my checks thru Chase but couldn’t the other day so tried this app. It’s 100% better because the camera light comes on and shines on the check, no searching for the brightest spot in the house anymore! It seems to work all the time whereas Chase either can’t read the check or after several attempts tells me that there is a problem, pls try again later. Frustrating. I also like the new feature in the bank that you can just deposit cash in, no teller needed. I’m using this account far more often than Chase now as I’m finding it more efficient & when there’s a fee for any reason that sneaks in sometimes, I call & they always reverse it. Very good customer service and they’re always friendly in person.

The app has improved, but also with so many changes it has become more complicated to use. People want to use familiarity, every time they update the app, you have to learn how to do things differently every single time. For example, when you would transfer funds from one account to the other, before you used to select where you are taking the funds from and where they are going to, now when you go to the transfer section, it doesn’t tell you where from or where to, the moment you pick an account, that is automatically y where it is going to transfer to, and what’s worst it is the second line in the transfer information screen, before the first account you chose was where the money was coming from, and it was the first line, now it’s the second and it it the destination, when you try to correct it, you have to exit the entire section, and choose where your transferring to instead of just choosing another account.

This is the most useful app out there for Citi cardholders. Thanks to the Citi app, we discovered that, while on a cruise, the cruise line was charging some unknown person for our onboard purchases (their mistake). The cruise line does an authorization for every onboard purchase made and none were showing up on our account on the Citi app. A trip to Guest Services got us all fixed up. This would have been a big nightmare for us and the other mysterious cardholder if it hadn't been nipped in the bud. The Citi app has been very handy for us in many other ways too. When we make a purchase in a foreign currency, the purchase shows up instantly as an authorization in USD so we can see the exchange rate on the purchase. Then there are the obvious benefits of seeing unauthorized charges before they hit your account, how much is left on your credit line and checking statement, making payments, etc., etc..

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From Citibank: The Citi Mobile App keeps you in control, virtually anytime, anywhere. Gain access to features designed with you in mind like resetting your debit card PIN or locking a misplaced credit card. From everyday account activities to helping you track spend, the app is there for you. Quickly access your accounts with Touch ID. See key info about your accounts at a glance, without having to sign in with Citi Mobile Snapshot. View your statements. Check your balances and recent activity. Make payments and transfers. Transaction search and filter options. Customize notifications. Available with Apple Watch. Download today. CITI CARDS. Activate new credit cards from your iPhone. Credit card customers can view their FICO Score for free. Lock and unlock your credit card with Citi Quick Lock. Request for a new card in the event it is lost, stolen or damaged. View credit card charges flagged as recurring by merchants. Utilize dispute center to view and manage recent credit card disputes. CITIBANK. Reset your debit card PIN from your mobile device. Mobile check deposit. ATM & branch locator.


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  • Datei Größe: 60.85MB
  • Entwickler: Citibank

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