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I see bad reviews for petty reasons what more do you want for a easy banking experience with no fees or penalties: if you’re looking for all the luxuries of a expensive bank with a checking and SAVINGS well than go irl and go through the hassle! And to complain about the stash and unstash functionality is ridiculous maybe you need to have more self control on your own money handling issues because all the reasons that this bank does is to protect you and you’re money from theft!! Now for my reasons is quite simple I can load free at wal mart or a simple 5 dollar fee at other locations; yes there’s a fee for atm withdrawals but another simple way around that is to get cash back at a register which is amazing since all other cards I tried before run as credit! Gobank gives u a real pin and debit function; also my gf goes out of state once a year and now she has a account so we can send money from each other in the matter of minutes and for free! Now I don’t have to go to all the headaches of western union it’s as easy as sending a text message and bam she has money and I don’t have to worry about her and my son being without any! I can say lots of other Positive reasons but I’ll keep this short as I can cause other than expensive banks and other horrible prepaid “banking” the Choice is easy this a Winner Of A Mobile Banking option A++

I like this bank alot, I use this card nearly everyday lol and I don’t get locked out or never had anyone tell me I’m using it too much or can’t take a certain amount off, NO OVERDRAFTS and this is still considered a checking account, I can do certain things that wouldn’t be accepted with a regular debit card and avoid expensive fee all because I don’t have a debit card, like apply for credit, no extra fees when paying electric bill, pay my rent with a real check instead of a money order, This has helped me out a lot and has been a real convenience to me. I will say that I had a check once and used the feature online to take a pic but the 7 day wait for my check was horrible and I never used that feature again. Lol sorry but I get 2 direct deposits and just swipe, atm fees are way too expensive, I payed like 5 for taking $20 off, please do something about that... also Walmart cashiers sometimes mess up and I wish there was a branch, instead of adding $100 I’m out of $100 because I have to go dispute it and I know there’s very little Go bank can do, I would think green dot would have branches by now since they are so big. But other wise I like this card a lot has helped me get a credit card and take away some fees for having a checking account.

I have used several “prepaid” cards for banking for paying bills, online shopping, and for saving money for years now. I really like GoBank so far. The app is super easy to use and I never have a problem with it. The fact that it is free to load is awesome! I’m a bartender, so I load money more than the average person. Now, on the flip side, I don’t like that the monthly fee is $8.95 considering I load literally thousands of dollars every month. The last card I had, would waive the fee if you loaded $500 a month. In the grand scheme of things, $9 isn’t that much money, but it’s still $9. I also wish I could figure out how to get a duplicate card. My husband works out of town 5 days a week and sometimes I need to send him money. It would be very convenient to have a second card that I could load and he could use immediately. There was a Greendot card that allowed us to have 2 cards and it was the best. So... maybe something to consider?? This is the best choice as far as banking goes that I have found so far but if they made those minor improvements, it would be perfect! I would definitely rate a 5 if I was able to obtain a duplicate card. Please work on that!

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From Green Dot Corporation: Note: You must already have a GoBank account to use this app.GoBank is a new kind of checking account. Its a checking account born on an mobile phone (instead of a covered wagon), with no overdraft or penalty fees. Its about time.**Just a few things youll love about GoBank**DO IT ALL ON THE GOYou can completely manage your GoBank account from the Android app. If you dont feel like it, youll never have to visit GoBank.com. This is the beauty of a fully mobile bank.NO OVERDRAFT OR PENALTY FEESSeriously. GoBank has no surprise fees. In fact, potential fees are so easy to navigate, they could fit on a single tweet. Check out it out at GoBank.com/NoWorries to see what we mean.FREE ATMsWe have a network of 40,000+ free ATMs (translation: its HUGE) across all 50 United States. Find the free ATMs all around you with our ATM finder.FREE ADVICE: FORTUNE TELLERUse the Fortune Teller to double-check your budget before you spend. Just tell us how much it costs, and well give you a quick yay or nay based on the budget youve created.SEND MONEY, PAY BILLSSend money instantly to friends. Notify them via email, text message or a private Facebook notification. Use your mobile checkbook to pay rent, bills or anyone. Well even mail checks for you, free of charge.MOBILE DEPOSITSOur nearest bank branch is in your pocket. Use your phone to scan a check and deposit it right into your account.OH SO MUCH MOREWe cant wait for everyone to get GoBanking. To request an invite, go to GoBank.com and hit JOIN. Submit your info, and well let you know when a spot opens up.*Stay in touch with us*Find us @GoBank on Twitter and search for GoBank on Facebook. Wed love to meet you and answer any questions you may have.GoBank is brand of Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC.Terms of Use: https://www.gobank.com/gobank/CMSViews/gobank/assets/en-us/GoBank_Mobile_App_EULA_Android_version.pdfPrivacy Policy: https://gobank.com/privacy-policyContent rating: Low Maturity


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