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I was excited when Shipt partnered with Meijer so we finally could get it in our area. I'm sort of a suburban hermit so this is great. My normal grocery list of about $80 worth of stuff came out to about $100. But considering the special requests I put in I felt that was fine. For me, an hour of my time is worth much more than that markup (not to mention gas use going to store, time driving , waiting inline, dealing with broken machines and the general public , etc). Also a lot of items were on sale. So it wasn't that terrible. The first shipt order's shopper totally goofed up. He wasn't telling me straight but I think his phone battery ran out. Shipt handled it nicely and gave me a beefy credit on my order. The next shopper grabbed it and handled it right away. I will say, they should but a more conservative time window though. Both shoppers hadn't even STARTED shopping at the time of the delivery window. I would recommend only using this when you are home for the day and if it takes 3 hours instead of 1, no harm would be done. This is not good for when you need an extra cup of sugar for an already-in-progress meal prep. I found telling the shopper don't rush and I'm home whenever leads to a less error prone order.Whoever is developing the iOS app though, is not a professional developer , the barcode scan NEVER works. Why can't it enable the camera like every other app can, it makes me do it myself? And it's horribly slow.

This service is a must for me as I am handicapped and can’t see well enough to drive and go do my own shopping. I ride a bus many times and can’t carry lots of items. Even though the service cost more than if I went shopping on my own the shoppers are most the time very friendly and great communicators. The system is set up to work very well. And on the occasional times that I have problems with a shopper or wrong items customer service is always friendly and very willing to help and fix it. I have eventually gotten everything straightened out on the occasional problem.I wish other companies were set up so well oiled, streamlined, and with such friendly shoppers and customer service people. Whoever owns this company is doing it right. Please don’t change anything in customer service unless you really make it better.I would like to suggest a few changes in the way the receipts are done. My only complaint is that I can’t see what I ordered once the receipt comes out. I wish you would change that. As the app forces me to tip and write the shop or before I have had a chance to compare what I ordered with the receipt along with the items that showed up at my house. Everything else is wonderful! I highly recommend this service and I am very hard to please.

This service and app have been truly life changing! I add items to my cart as I see the need, and once or twice a week I will literally lay in bed at night scheduling my grocery delivery for the following day. Before the kids are out of bed, without leaving the house and the inevitable: finding socks and/or shoes, turning off the tv/lights/stove/flat iron/vibrator, making sure every has gone pee, “Mama I hungeee”, “Ma! Where’s my DS?!”; “can we go to Chick fil A??” Grocery shopping. DONE. Without any of...THAT. For my fellow Pinterest junkies, recreating (ATTEMPTING to recreate, lesbe honest) Pinterest recipes has never been easier! Any ingredients you’re missing, just type into search bar and add to cart. Voila! No more scavenger hunt down the aisles looking for items you’ve never heard of (unsalted butter? But why though?). The ONE time my shopper was delayed (and she was REALLY delayed tbh, I think the delivery window was between 8:00-9:00pm and at 10:30 she was still texting me with questions?!) I contacted customer support, and in a matter of seconds they rescheduled for the following morning AND gave me a $25 CREDIT applied to that same order! The service is great, the shoppers are great, customer service is great - can’t say enough good things about Shipt.

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From ShipTrack: Imagine a world where you can shop for groceries on that phone in your pocket. Your items arrive at a time of your choosing and you actually spend an evening on things that matter most. Meet Shipt. Get groceries delivered in as little as one hour! Forever avoid pushing grocery carts and standing in long checkout lines. We spend nearly 100 hours at the grocery store every year. Not to mention extra time in traffic and unloading groceries. Spend your precious time on important stuff, and let us handle the rest. SIMPLE, CONVENIENT SHOPPING | FAST DELIVERY | UNLIMITED ORDERSAfter downloading the mobile Shipt app, you will have access to the full range of over 40,000 grocery items available at local Publix stores. Just select your groceries, choose your delivery options, and then checkout. If everything in life was this simple you'd might actually have time to catch up on all those roses you need to smell.FEATURESWe all love Shopping at Publix, when we have the time. When you just can't, let Shipt deliver groceries to your door!- Shop, Pay, and Schedule delivery from our app (iOS and Android)- View product details and buy any of the 40,000+ items available at Publix- Unlimited Free Deliveries for Members. (minimum order $35)- Same day delivery, as soon as one hour.- Free Delivery for Members.AREAS SERVEDShipt will deliver groceries from any of the 14 Publix locations in the greater Birmingham area to downtown Birmingham, Homewood, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Highway 280 and surrounding cities of Hoover, Alabaster, Gardendale, Helena, Pelham and Trussville.Content rating: Everyone


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