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This is my most used application so obviously it’s used every day it is a great blessing from Jehovah to be able to use it. With this most recent update I greatly appreciate the study Bible being taken from online and made for her benefit into the app. I have noticed from a few friends in the congregation a few issues that I wanted to send. On my grandmother’s tablet which is an iPad air two and it is all updated properly, the study Bible column on the right Does not respond to scrolling even after closing the app rebooting the device and trying again so she has not been able to use the study Bible. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch second generation and from time to time it will freeze as well the same column when scrolling and studying. Closing the app and reopening it after swiping up fixes it for a while or if I tap back into the Bible scroll up or down a little and then go back into it this also helps. I understand and realize this is a gigantic task and there will be some issues, as I work in beta testing my current job normally I send these in to the developer. Once again thank you so much for all your hard work in hours in an effort to get this working for us.

This is the best app for Bible study in any of the many available languages. All of the features are useful and there’s hardly anything left to wish for to improve it. This version is still having issues with a bug where if there is no data connection, a video is played and then paused, pressing play again causes a pop up box to say it needs to be downloaded again. But when cancel is selected instead the video can still be played (it just has to start over completely). In other words “pause” is really “stop.” This makes it frustrating to show someone who then asks a question because the video must be paused to answer it and then restarted. This issue is being had with the iPhone 6s Plus.Another issue is that when the app is minimized while listening to the music videos the videos are paused rather than continue to play. It would be nice to be able to continue to listen to them while working on other tasks.

I’m so grateful to Jah for the efforts to corral most of our literature into one convenient app. I haven’t needed to carry a book bag to a meeting in several years. One of the recent updates added the ability to create notes with the app in line with highlighted segments. This has been a blessing in closing an important loop in not needing to go outside the app when I studied for the meetings. My one little quibble is that since the update to support iPhone X the ‘more’ button has become unusable and at best slow when it does respond to taps. All the buttons along the bottom could stand to have some space added to keep them clear of the home-bar UI element to reduce and/or eliminate accidental presses. Another beautiful addition would also be if more colors could be added for highlighting and the ability to underline text. Much love to our brothers & sisters serving as part of the IT teams that help us all to be better equipped in our service to Jehovah!

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From Jehovah's Witnesses: JW LIBRARY is an official app produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. It includes multiple Bible translations, as well as books and brochures for Bible study. BIBLE. Choose from various Bible translations. Compare all available Bible versions by tapping a verse number. View the associated material by tapping a footnote marker or reference letterNAVIGATION. Swipe left or right to quickly navigate your current publication. Place bookmarks at any verse or chapter to quickly resume your reading. Use the history feature to quickly access recently read content. Find words or expressions in your current publication with the search feature. COMING SOON. Highlight text in the study pane. Support for The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures-Study Edition. Make notes as you study�?�© Copyright 2017 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.


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