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I LOVE the convenience of this app and wish others would do the same. Not only is it convenient to not have to wait in line, but I love that my past purchases and receipts are right there in the app so I don't have to keep track of paper receipts. My kids love scanning the items and that part works flawlessly. I don't feel it will take away jobs if more stores do the same - there will always be the tech illiterate and those that just prefer face to face service. It will shorten the lines, frustration, and amount of irritated customers when employees are more readily available to assist instead of checking out long lines (especially during holidays!). On three occasions we have had issues with it - it wouldn't recognize the store we were in so wouldn't allow us to scan items. Once it wouldn't delete items when my kids double scanned but closing/reopening the app fixed that. The convenience of the app far outweighs any minor flaws on occasion.

Got to love this app. No matter how much we love shopping at Sam's club we have to admit a lot of people do so there’s always big lines, even if most of them or all cashiers are open. But having this app where as soon as you get something you scan it and it’s on your shopping card it’s great! You got something but you don’t want to take it anymore, easy to delete. Maybe you got one product but decide to take two of those, don’t have to scan again, easy to change the amount. BUT if you trying to buy alcohol, or tabaco, it won’t let you with the app. Another thing if you going to use the app make sure your phone it’s charge, once I went my phone was about to die on me but I thought I was going to make it and I screenshot the receipt but it wasn’t getting, I guess it will only get from the app in case it’s not the person of the membership so I had to prove to them with my membership and credit card that it was me using the app.

I love shopping at Sam’s Club my friends also love everything about Sam’s Club they love your good deals they love it and everything that you have one thing about Sam’s Club is you’re not like Costco you keep all your items every month Costco changes everything every time my friends go to Costco when I have a membership they go one month and they get a good deal and go back the next month and they didn’t have it that’s one thing nice about Sam’s Club you keep everything all the time you have specials on something one month and then they have it again a couple months later you have great deals I love the way you change your Appleton store it’s great you put all the foods in one area thank you for your great loyalty I love sam’s Club Love your samples on the weekends it’s great and I love it when you have a club members that you come I’m early in the morning when it’s not so busy I love it thank you so much for all your help Sam’s Club

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From Sam's Club: View club locations, hours, upcoming events and available services. View your Instant Savings. Access your membership card anytime. Access your cash rewards. Print photos through our Photo Center. Get your prescription refilled through our pharmacy. Use Club Pickup for next-day item pickup at your local club. Use recent orders and frequently bought items to create Easy Reorders. See incredible items you won't find in club.


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