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We had a large group and used the app to keep everyone in contact for our cruise. We were on a Spirit Class ship so it’s a little older. For a schedule of events, it worked well. Would like to see more information like what deck we are disembarking from at ports. I know this can change with the tides, but the information can be updated as it changes.Just a thought on days at sea when the naturalist is on the loud speaker, maybe add a reminder of what channel to turn to on the TV so people with balconies can tune in and can hear them. Our main complaint was the texting part of the app. This is terrible. It works some of the time and not always with everyone in your party. We were constantly having to shut the app down and restart it while sending the same message multiple times to get them through. Again, we had a mix of iPhone and Samsung users. Seemed to do ok with Apple to Apple users. Not so good with getting texts between Apple and Samsung. No one got all of the messages. It would be nice to send more than alphanumeric messages like photos or locations but that takes bandwidth, and that can be expensive on a ship. With a few more tweaks this can be a very useful app. Will have to try it out on our next cruise which is on a newer ship.

I really like this app! I am able to see what’s going on around the ship and sales that are going on in the shops and most of all I liked being able to see my pictures with the app before going down to pixels to order my pics. You can also order the pics from the app but I wanted to also see them on a bigger screen before making my final decision. I also like that the app stays on ships time and I was able to keep track of time with no worry about getting back to the ship on time from my excursions. I didn’t buy the $5 messaging to message my family on the ship, but I am defiantly going to get it next time cause I think it would be worth the $5. (Suggestion) Maybe carnival could do a family deal per cabin because $5 certainly would add up for a large family. My mom used the app to keep track of my nephew, nieces and my disabled sister and she says it was great. There was a lot of children with disabilities on the ship and I did see one of them get lost. She did find her parents but it did take some time, so I think this app with the messaging would have defiantly benefited in situations like this.

Luckily I downloaded the app prior to entering the ship because I did not want to pay for Wi-Fi wasn’t really necessary for me and my family, if you do not download in advance you will have to pay for the Wi-Fi on the ship to just to download the app!!!One change to the app would be to have a menu of all events for the day all I seen was what’s happening now so unless you carry the paper with you that they leave in your room for the itinerary for the day I didn’t see that on the app which I think would be a big improvement.Our ship was Carnival miracle out of the Port of Tampa, the best thing that I realized was under your account on a summary they charged my credit card for gratuities without me authorizing it!!!!!!!!!!! Without this app I would have never known if there’s any disputes that are charged on your card you have up until 9 AM the day you depart to dispute the charges. I really thought on carnivals part that this was really uncalled they had charged an extra 500+ dollars onto my credit card without me authorizing it once I went to customer service they did take the charges off! Note to self you’re going to cruise with carnival check your credit card summary on your hub occasionally.

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From Carnival Cruise Lines: Vacationing on CARNIVAL. Maximize your fun aboard. Before traveling to the pier, download the ultimate cruise app - now available on ALL Carnival Fun Ships. When on board, connect to Carnival's Wi-Fi to view what's happening, weather, dining menus and more. Onboard internet purchase is NOT required to use the Carnival HUB app. NEW Features: New, fresh homepage design for easy access to latest most relevant information. Weather for each day of your sailing. View dining menus right on your phone. Easily search for family and friends on board to connect with. Find information like dining attire easily. Current Features: Chat to connect with family and friends on board. Low, flat activation fee applies. Day-by-day schedule of hundreds of on board events. "Favorites" feature with a reminder for upcoming events. Information for all great food and dining options. Searchable deck plans with key areas highlighted. Itinerary details, including current ship time, arrival/departure times for upcoming port calls. Real-time information on guests' current Sail & Sign shipboard account balance. On select ships: Ability to purchase shore excursions. Ability to view and purchase professional photos. Go ahead. Download it now. Your vacation deserves it.


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  • Entwickler: Carnival Cruise Lines

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