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I would rate this app higher but since I have only used it for one item (an automotive part), I really can not at the moment, which immediately brought up the manufacturing company of the products website, in turn giving me all information that I received about the product let me know what the product was along with everything in the box (there was anti-seize gel, and I was curious if it was anti-seize gel or di-electric grease), but I found out without even needing to ask any one about, I think it would be a combination of the app and the appropriate site that let me sate my curiosity for gel came with the part as when I bought the part, no one even noticed that it was in it

As a blind customer, I rely on a screen reader. You never know whether an app is going to be compatible with voiceover or not. This is. I have had other QR or barcode scanners tell me that a bottle of vitamins is actually a workout video… Clearly it isn't. This one I have yet to encounter any errors like that. So far, every scan has been correct and on the money. If you don't already know where the barcode is located on the package, keep scanning and it will let you know when you find it :-) super easy! :-)

I've never written a review for an app & I certainly have used many through the years ! This is the most useful app & a brilliant idea! There are countless amounts of times I've purchased something & of course months even years later I forgot where I bought it. In 2 seconds you can scan the barcode & it brings you directly to google & lists all of the stores & prices where it's available! Not 1 week goes by that I don't use it. Definitely the best app out there!

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From Photo Master Labs: The Fastest, Easiest and Most Accurate QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner for iPhone. Search for any product and shop easily with the right prices, deals & true-to-detail info. Your must-have smart shopper app in iPhone Essentials Pack. Features? Super Quick. Super Simple. Super Effective? Scans all QR & Barcode types? Rapid multi-vendor product search. Find what you want, compare prices, read product reviews and shop smarter at Amazon Marketplace? High performance multi-code recognition. Takes you right to the results instantly? High-precision autofocus & autodetect? Flashlight supported. Scans even in the dark with maximum accuracy? View full history of scanned items? No fussing around. Point the camera & you're done with the right results? Share using Email, Messengers, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Cut your shopping bills and get much more lucky in your best shopping choices.


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  • Entwickler: Photo Master Labs

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4,9 / 5 - 39 Stimmen


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