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I think Zillow is my favorite app when it comes to viewing the listing for a home or land. I like the ease of use and how the info is displayed. I worked as a title examiner in the past so I know a little something about real estate. However, the one thing that is a problem with the app is the location of certain lots or tracts of land. They are clearly in the wrong location and never seem to get corrected. I could report it according to the link at the top of the app window, but I’m not going to report the error and add my email for you to respond back. Why can’t you just look into it yourself or contact the listing agent to verify? I don’t want emails in my inbox regarding someone else’s issue. I’m just trying to help. I get that there is human error involved, but I just want to view the listing and it’s location. There is one listed in my area in Virginia that has a West Virginia address. It’s been there for months. There are several “county” properties that are showing up on the map in the “city or lots just on the wrong road altogether. In our county in Virginia, there is no address given to a vacant lot. I’m guessing this is where the problem lies, but this is definitely the area for improvement. Maybe the use of county/city tax identification numbers for added reference in the listings would be helpful, or simply accept a report without an email or personal info requirement. Thanks,Southern VA Zillower

Zillow does not worry about facts and their information can be very inaccurate. I was advised by my realtor to avoid using Zillow because of inaccurate information. The Zillow website is very user friendly, but just beware it can be misleading. After I bought my new home I “claimed it” on the Zillow website. They are showing I purchased the home for much less than I did, but they will not correct this information. I called the tax office just to be sure nothing bogus was going on. It turns out my info and the tax office is the same. So long story short, Zillow is not concerned with showing us inaccurate information.Update: After several email exchanges, scanning and submitting documents proving I was providing factual information, Zillow corrected the information I was disputing. The person who helped me seemed polite and helpful. So I changed my review from a 1 star to 3 stars. The reason for 3 stars is I still have several problems with what happened. First off, I still do not know why false information was provided. Second, I do not know why it was so hard to have the information corrected. Third, and this is my biggest problem...I have asked Zillow repeatedly where did they get their incorrect information, and Zillow has never responded to my question.

The aerial view feature of the map function was one if the most important sources of information to me in selecting potential homes to see. It has now been replaced by street view, which in my opinion is NOT needed, since EVERY listing with photographs will have a picture of the house from the street. Plus the street view does not always even capture the house, as there are sometimes terrain, vegetation, or lot issues that tender the street view less than helpful. The now lost AERIAL view not only allowed me to turn the view to see house and nearby properties from four angles, it also allowed me to see details of the terrain (hillside lot, going up or down, how flat a flat lot, sometimes could tell if room between house and lot line for car to access back yard, etc.) NOW WITH THIS FEATURE MISSING, it will be a lot harder for me to determine which homes will qualify for my interest (I am an out of town buyer). Hopefully there is SOME OTHER APP that I can use instead of the updated (I won't say upgraded) Zillow. I have been pleased with many of the features of Zillow, and would have given them a four or five rating. THIS ONE FEATURE IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME AND MY DECISION INFORMATION, I am going to have to lower my rating to 3.

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From Zillow.com: Zillow is an online real estate service. you can browsing by neighborhood and narrowing down what you are looking for based on a variety of parameters. It will do some of the legwork for you by figuring out how your house stacks up against other houses in the area, including how much it is worth per square foot and how much other houses sold for in your area.


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4.9 / 5 - 39 Stimmen


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