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Get rid of things and find things you need easily and for good prices! And now they text you so you don’t miss messages- a great help to me!! So easy to use! You can meet people in busy parking lots at the coffee shops, stores, police stations, etc to view and buy and sell items, including furniture. Or some people have you pick up at their house as everyone does not have a truck or something that their item fits in, to bring it to a meet point. Plus some people don’t want to have to lug it back home if you don’t buy it. When it is necessary to give your phone or address be sure to wait to give it right before meeting to view or before delivery; for safety sake. See why- last paragraph. I haven’t needed to, but you can always block someone from calling you. But once you give your address, you may always worry if they end up a creep... I have had two great experiences having furniture brought down from the mountains to my home. But I tell my neighbors when they are arriving so they come over or keep watch. You can’t be too safe. I had one person on a different app. suddenly act very aggressive and want to deliver a day earlier than agreed. He was being unreasonable and using foul language. It was a Friday and maybe he was drunk and really wanted the money to party more that night - I have no idea. I tried to reason with him but it wasn’t working, I was quite frightened so I cancelled. I would have been terrified if he had my address!

I think the concept of this app is awesome. In my opinion, it comes off as a very safe app. The letgo team gives you accessibility to safety tips when speaking or meeting with a potential/seller. You don’t have to put your full name or your real name, for that matter, into your bio. Of course there are always going to be weirdos and scammers on every buying/selling apps, but you should be able to weed them out the majority of the time. If you can’t when there’s clear signs (i.e. they won’t answer you back, they’re willing to pay above the asking price, the spam you, say that you can just ship the item to them, or ask you to use another app to communicate) then it’s probably not a good idea for you to be buying and selling. ? I understand that letgo can’t pick out every single person who is using the app with ill intentions, but they do actually do a great job at moderating accounts and the items they sell. You set your own prices, but letgo can also price the average amount of the item that you’re selling for you. Personally, I think the app is easy to navigate in a way that it is simple to go on your profile and edit item prices and descriptions and searching for a specific category of item you would like to find. I really enjoy this app and have made multiple sales within the 5 days I’ve had it! If you’re wanting to sell that old vase that you’re tired of looking at or even a car, I highly recommend letgo!! ?

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From Ambatana: letgo is the biggest and fastest growing app to buy and sell locally. Over 75 million downloads and 200 million listings! Find great local deals, from secondhand phones, fashion, sneakers and games to furniture, cars and real estate. Here's why tens of millions of people are buying and selling on letgo: MILLIONS OF LISTINGS �¢?�¢ Shop for the best deals on anything you need, whether you're looking for a PlayStation, a pair of Air Jordan sneakers, a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, a secondhand car or furniture to decorate your house. Forget garage sales and old-school classifieds sites! FAST AND CUTTING-EDGE �¢?�¢ List something in seconds, as effortlessly as taking a photo. letgo's the only app with advanced technology that automatically titles and categorizes your listing, whether you're selling a new pair of sneakers or your old car! FUN, SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE �¢?�¢ Discover stuff for sale nearby or search for something specific. �¢?�¢ Check out other users' profiles, ratings and reviews, and chat instantly in the app. **NEW** Buying a new car or selling your car? We've made it even easier to buy and sell used cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Find your dream car on letgo - at a fraction of the price! **NEW** Looking to invest in real estate or to sell your own property? No need for a realtor - you can find and list properties for sale or for rent: apartments, houses and other real estate on letgo! Your dream house is already on letgo! Download letgo and start selling your stuff, shopping for the best brands and finding discount deals on anything from fashion, electronics and used cars! It's time to letgo!


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  • Datei Größe: 17.41MB
  • Developer: Ambatana

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4.9 / 5 - 30 Stimmen


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