Block Craft 3D: City Building

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Developer: Fun Games For Free

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From Fun Games For Free: Do you like building games? Block Craft 3D is a new free city building game. Download now the FREE game of 2016. Start building and show the world your best game and constructions. Block Craft is a free game for the whole family: from kids, boys and girls, to adults. Features: > Building game: Lots of different constructions. Who will have the best building? > Fun game: Play with animals in the village is so fun. Cool: Visit the city built by your friends, multiplayer mode is cool. Perfect game for the family: boys and girls will love it. One of the best simulation games: start constructing your house and meet your neighbors. Lots of pixels: enjoy the special pixel graphics. Free game: play for free. You can even earn some gems by selling your buildings. Choose your character: boy or girl? Cool clothes? Everything. Incredible constructions: house with a room and a kitchen? A castle for 20 people? or even the death-star and Eiffel Tower? >Multiplayer games: you can play online and help your friend building. New: adopt and play with animals. Amazing buildingsReady? Block? Go. Learn the game by building your house, a fortress or a mine. Decorate your building with your furniture with your own skins: it's YOUR town and you can do whatever you want. When you're ready, you can start incredible constructions: the Eiffel tower, an airplane, or even. the death star. The world is your sandbox. Lots of Pets and free explorationTired of people? Play with pets. Adopt a dog, a cat, a horse or even an elephant. Unlike Minecraft Pocket Edition, there is no monsters in Block Craft 3D: you can focus on constructing the best buildings or exploring the world. Visit your friendsStart the exploration. You can visit the city built by your friends (or foes). Who's got the biggest village? Check if they finished their new castle and give them a hand, they will repay you later. If you liked Roblox games, you will love this one: Multiplayer is so much fun. Create and sellIn Block Craft, no need for mods, launcher or PE. You can create the custom blocks, special furniture or complete blueprint of building. And even better: sell those and receive lots of gems. Not so creative? You lack ideas? You feel lost in Minecraft? In Block Craft 3D, no need for maps, just visit the village of your friends to get new ideas and follow the blueprints and guides to easily build fantastic constructions. Block Craft was inspired by Minecraft but is so much better. It is an innovative free building game where you can play with pets, start incredible construction by following blueprints and play in multiplayer. DisclaimerMinecraft is a trademark and copyright of Mojang and Microsoft. Block Craft 3D: Free Building is brought to you by Fun Games for Free, creator of the 100+ Million downloads games Flight Pilot Simulator, Sniper 3D and Sniper Shooter.

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  • Version: 1.0
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  • Developer: Fun Games For Free

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4.9 / 5 - 25 Stimmen


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