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From MrRocco Team: HOLY BIBLE (BIBLE KJV) - FREE. Conceived to propagate and make The Christian Bible studies easier through reading and listening anytime, anywhere, with resources such as: Search, Favorite, Note, Colour Assigning Labels, Sharing Versicles, Devotionals, Biblical Plans, Biblical Dictionary, and Biblical Map. At present, Christians from more than 168 countries in 40 languages have already used the Bible KJV application. This light and friendly application can accompany you everywhere, granting you with God's words any moment for a blessed day. The Team who has elaborated and keeps improving this oficial application believes that God's words must reach everyone easily, quickly, clearly and freely. It was the first offline Bible of app store It has the purpose of functioning offline without the need to access the internet. Detail: Reading Plans: through innumerable reading plans one can plan, customize and receive help throughout the study of The Bible or specific themes or parts of it. Audio: availability of audio, sync with verses, Talkback compatibility for visual impaired people; NIV live Bible audio (English). Versicles: resources to highlight; mark with colours; copy; personal notes; versicle speech; sharing on Facebook, Twitter, SMS message, email, Apple Watch app, verse of the Day Push and Notification. Searching System: option for the whole Bible, old Testament, new Testament or separate by book; multi-word search. Biblical dictionary with more than 900 words. Reading Comfort: define application interface in more than 30 languages; adapt word size; night reading mode (black background with white background). Other features: Support for Apple Watch. More than 75 translations in diferente languages available, among them the traditional NIV (New International Version 2011) and the King James in English, Reina Valera in Spanish, Luther's Bible in German, the original Greek and Hebrew, and many others. Option to remove ads. More than 75 translations including: o English: NIV - New International Version (2011) with Live Bible Audio. o English: King James Version. o English: American Standard Version. o English: Basic English Bible. o English: Darby Version. o English: Douay-Rheims. o English: Webster's Bible. o English: Weymouth NT. o English: World English Bible. o English: Young's Literal translation. o Spanish: Reina Valera (1909). o Spanish: Reina Valera NT (1858). o Spanish: Holy Scriptures (1569). o Portuguese: Almeida Revised Biblical Press (Evangelic version). o Portuguese: King James (Evangelic version). o Portuguese: Almeida Received. o Portuguese: Almeida (1948). o And much more. Audio versions for all translations, including NIV Live Audio, with Oscar winning cast and renowned Pastors. Acknowledgements:) Official Application = according to copyright, including authorized content.

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  • Datei Größe: 20.03MB
  • Developer: MrRocco Team

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4.9 / 5 - 36 Stimmen



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