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I don’t know why restaurants persistin trying to create a romantic ambiance by placing one dim candle on the table in a dimly lit room. IMPOSSIBLE TO READ THE MENU with my 20/20 vision. Previously I would ask the waiter to fetch me a flashlight or insist he strain his eyes and read the menu to my date and myself. Both a hassle, but the only way to decide what to order. UNTIL NOW!!! With this FABULOUS flashlight app, I merely pull out my I phone and illuminate our table for menu reading. I have had folks at nearby tables ask me if they could borrow my “flashlight” phone so they could read their menus. FABULOUS APP FABULOUS FLASHLIGHT. Also very convenient for walking down a dark path or finding things in a dark trunk. Now I always have a bright flashlight conveniently with me at all times.

I find this app to be the most useful, most accessed app on my phone, short of the actual phone, texting, and camera! I am hearing all sorts of horrible reports about imbedded malware in quite a few flashlight apps these days! Permission given to these apps to collect and use/transmit/sell personal info (cc#'s, location, ss#, etc) by accepting the privacy terms that nobody EVER reads...including me! I was very relieved and pleased to find (upon tracking down and actually reading the iHandy privacy terms) that the minimal amount of information they collect is used internally and to help in the marketing of their own apps. It's not being transmitted overseas or sold to the highest bidder!

Overall a nice app. Using the flashlight that “comes WITH” the iPhone means the light doesn’t turn off when you turn the phone off. Sometimes it’s much handier to have the light turn off when you turn the phone off. The downside is twofold: 1) With this app, you cannot simultaneously run any other app (not that “I” can figure anyway), & (2) It frequently won’t activate - forcing one to DELETE the app, then RE-DOWNLOAD it....OR, try closing out of THIS flashlight app and turning on and off your iPhone flashlight (Which ALWAYS WORKS) a couple of times. I don’t know why but, No.2 works about 85% of the time in “getting this other app UP AND RUNNING”.?

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From Call Me: Flashlight App is a bright LED flashlight widget with funny caller screen lights. It is an easy to use LED flashlight app that provides you with super bright LED light, adjustable strobe light, beautiful & funny caller screen lights, and SOS light for emergency. It's a very useful flashlight app.--- Main Features of LED Flashlight App ---* Used as torch light for darkness: two available light sources, LED flashlight and screen light* Color flash alert lights on screen for incoming calls: offer many LED reminder notification themes* Strobe light with speed control: used for fun, adjusting from low to high frequency* SOS flash light (Morse Code): used as emergency light, asking for help* Easy to use LED brightness controller: allow fast screen light adjust* Fast flashlight call screen notification for SMS: never miss an important message* Keep bright light on the locked screen: always light up your way* Built-in battery saver widget for power saving indication--- Detail Functions of LED Flashlight App ---1. Easy to use & bright LED flashlightWhenever you need a real torch, this flash camera light can be used by simple switch(on/off), just like you are using a real mobile torch light. Flashlight App uses camera LED flash on Android device as a light source. Moreover, flash light brightness can be controlled easily, lighter or darker.2. Colorful LED light for incoming calls & messageYou will never miss any important calls and messages by using call screen light reminder function of Flashlight App. Flashlight App can be used as a LED reminder for incoming calls or when there's a text message on phone. It will timely remind you with color flashlight alert lights, like super bright LED light for incoming call and color screen light for message. Several colorful call screen notification effects of ring light flash are available to choose from.3. Useful Camera LED lightIn addition to camera LED light controller, this tiny flashlight app uses phone screen as a light source automatically when fail to open camera LED or camera LED is not present. Certainly, screen flashlight is adjustable.4. Funny strobe light & helpful SOS lightFlashlight App's strobe light can be used for fun and rescue yourself from danger. It has speed controller that allows you to adjust flashlight from low to high frequency. This funny strobe light can be used for personal dance party or disco ball. And its SOS light mode can be used to ask for help for emergency.5. Detect battery draining appUse battery widget to automatically detect and indicate apps that cause battery energy draining. To help battery save power, you are not suggested to continue using the flash in case of decreasing battery life dramatically.6. Convenient Torch LightBesides above functions, Flashlight App has well-designed wallpapers which can be displayed on the lock screen. It's quite easy to turn on this free flashlight app on the lock screen, switch on/off flash light and use all its powerful functions. It will give you a wonderful and real torch experience.--- Daily Use of LDE Flashlight App ---* Funny notification screen light on incoming calls* Use strobe light for fun at the ball or party* Used as a torch light for power cuts* Used as a torch light in the dark* Light your way when hiking* Help to open the door at night* Used as a light source for reading on bed* Send out an SOS if necessary* Check on the little stuff with stable light


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  • Developer: Call Me

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