Free Calls & Text by Mo+, Free Local and International Phone Calling and Messaging App

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Developer: Mo+

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First review I've ever left in the App Store.The Good- if your not much of a tech savvy and have contracts and prepaid cell phones are still too costly, this may be best for you. I have not tested this app yet to see if it requires wifi. So for those who don't use phones often and could care less, this would be handy.The Bad- if your looking for a "free app to call mommy or daddy to skip your phone bill because your a college student or just an over privileged child and daddy or mommy won't give you their credit card, this app is DEFINITELY not for you. $100 for 5k credits, which is 10,000 texts (without calls) and each minute in a call is 1 credit. So... do the math. Is that worth $100? No. go to a pre-paid unlimited data, text, calls, etc for $50 a month. In that case, I do not recommend this app. 5 stars was so my review wouldn't be ignored. But for 1 credit per 30 second app I'll still give it a 2.4/5 stars.

I have been testing out a lot of free VoIP apps and this is by far the best one it didn't assigned me a new random number and let me keep my original number I've had since I was 16 I'm now 32 this is the number all my friends and family know to contact me by this is the best free VOIP app out there! And talk and text credits are easy to earn like most of the other apps I found, watching advertisements download and install an app then run it. This is the best free VIP app I have found ever. ?

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Publisher Description:

From Mo+: Mo+ is the best free calling app available, offering free calls and texts to phone numbers and other Mo+ users. Enjoy crystal-clear free calls with your friends and family, as well as walkie-talkie functionality and multimedia messaging.Mo+ is packed with features. - Call any phone number, anytime, from anywhere.- Free calls and text to all Mo+ users worldwide.- High-quality voice calls.- Live walkie-talkie sessions.- Multimedia messages.- Customizable user interface.- And more features, coming soon!* Earn tons of free credits to call any phone number for free in just a few easy steps!

Unnamed Free Calls & Text by Mo+, Free Local and International Phone Calling and Messaging App

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  • Version: 3.0.3
  • Datei Größe: 60.01MB
  • Developer: Mo+

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5.0 / 5 - 26 Stimmen


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